ISO 27001:2022

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Why ISO 27001?

ISO 27001:2022 Information Security Management Systems is the standard that is becoming increasingly essential for organisations that manage sensitive data on behalf of their customers.  The increasing sophistication of malicious attacks on data security is driving organisations to require their suppliers to demonstrate a systematic and comprehensive approach to the management of information security to their own leadership and to their customers.  ISO 27001:2022 certification enables you to protect information assets, you customers, and your reputation. The objective is to create a “closed loop” system that drives improvement.

What will a well designed ISMS do for my business?

Governance assurance
Win more business
Protect reputation
Deliver business continuity
Aligned with business risk
Provide confidence to clients

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    ISO 27001 requirements

    The overall objective of information security is to effectively identify risks through a systematic process to enable the management and control of technology and human factors to ensure:

    • Confidentiality – ensuring that information is not made available or disclosed to unauthorised individuals, entities or processes.
    • Integrity – maintaining the consistency, accuracy, and trustworthiness of information over its entire life cycle.
    • Availability – ensuring that information is both accessible and usable upon demand by an authorised party.

    The standard requires that you situate you ISMS in a strategic business context (including compliance) and integrate it into the management of your operational planning and service delivery.

    This includes the ability to systematically identify, assess, evaluate and control your information security risks including business continuity risks.  The ISO 27001:2022 requires that you review all 93 items in Annex A for their relevance to your information security risk management and document this in a Statement of Applicability.

    Senior management must identify and provide the resources required to ensure effective implementation and operation of your ISMS so that it achieves its objectives.  This includes physical and IT infrastructure as well as the competencies required of your people to deliver the identified performance.

    Operational planning and management are in place to enable the implementation of all necessary ISMS risk controls are in place and are being actively monitored for effectiveness.

    This includes the selection, induction, management, and review of all external suppliers particularly including contractors.  There also needs to be an effective incident investigation process including escalation reporting.

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    What sets us apart?

    We at Spark Growth Solutions pride ourselves on building quality management systems that improve your business. We do this be first recognising that your business success means you are doing a lot of things right. We bring to the table:

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    • Experience across a wide variety of industry sectors
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    • A commitment to build a system specifically for your business
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    ISO 9001 certification

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    Daryl Coon

    Spark Growth Solutions used a no nonsense approach to demystify the minefield of standards and help us to develop our system. Their approach gained from years of experience helped us achieve our goal of ISO accreditation with minimal impact or demands on the day to day operations of our business.

    Mark Dinning

    Thanks very much for a smooth process. The consultation process and subsequent manual identified opportunities for significant improvement in our operations. Our management system is simple, easy to maintain, and made the certification process straightforward.

    Don Amarsinghe
    Cleaning Wizard Australia
    Managing Director

    It is important for every company to assess the HSE and Quality Systems, they have in place. For company growth, we sought Spark Growth Solutions’ guidance to attain our ISO9001. With their deep knowledge base and systematic approach, they assisted our company with achieving this certification.

    Frank Stigliani
    Jet Spares International
    Managing Director

    Our largest customer stopped purchasing from us when their new procurement guidelines required suppliers to achieve ISO certification. Our largest customer was purchasing from us again within six weeks of having engaged Spark Growth Solutions.

    Daniel McDonald
    Aspect Studios
    Chief Operating and Financial Officer

    With Spark Growth Soultions assisting us in the development and implementation of our management system we achieved ISO certification on our first round across every department in the business.

    Joanne Ramadge
    Australian Diabetes Educators Association

    Thank you for the excellent support and education you provided to ADEA in preparation for our ISO Certification. You made it relatively easy for us especially as a small NFP without many human resources. We got through the certification process very well, thanks to your guidance and as this was a first for us, the education you provided about the process that included not only what was required but why.

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