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System Design

Spark Growth Solutions provides system design services using a process is designed to develop management systems suitable for your business now and into the future. Spark Growth Solutions works collaboratively with its clients so that the outcomes help you build a stronger business.  Our key points of difference are:

  • Our starting point is how you do your business
  • We work to keep it simple but effective
  • We focus on managing your key risks
  • We aim to build scalability
  • We build solutions based on years of senior business management experience

Management Workshop

A Spark consultant will work with you to map your process from making sales to delivering your product/Services and how you monitor and control your business.  We will also ask questions that enable you to think about better ways of doing things.  Our goal is to review existing processes for their capacity to deliver first time to your clients’ needs. It will assess the capacity of the processes to grow with your business and work with you to design processes that build value and minimise unnecessary administration.

Gap Analysis

We will undertake a review of your way of doing business to see if there are any gaps with the standard. Spark works with you to identify the options to address the gaps in your current system and develop a first draft of the Management System. You will tell us whether what we have developed will work for your business.

Document your Management System

We will document the agreed revised system for you and identify any additional tools and resources you will need to successfully implement the system.


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    Internal Audits
    Spark Growth Solutions can be your internal auditor.  As little as once per year we can come in and undertake internal audits of your management systems.  This can prevent non conformances from the certification body and help you to continually improve your system.
    Transitions to New Versions of Standards

    Management System standards are changing frequently.  This puts pressure on your certification as adjustments need to be made to ensure that you are conforming to the new requirements.  Spark Growth Solutions sees this as an opportunity to review your current system and its capacity to add value to your business.

    We work with you to understand the administration and other maintenance of your current system and whether or not this is necessary to manage your business risks and keep you certified.

    Reduce Paperwork

    There is a certain amount of administration that is unavoidable to run businesses effectively and also to maintain certification to standards.  Activities such as:

    • Document and records management
    • Monitoring and controlling the business
    • Measuring and improving business
    • Keeping track of customers and prospects

    Spark growth Solutions works with you to minimise the unnecessary paperwork and to explore options to simplify the process of completing and retaining the necessary documents for your business.

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